I want a new browser for today’s web. Tabs are fine for web pages as documents, but web apps need to integrate with the rest of the OS. Let me ⌘-tab between them, resize panes, pop them out into separate windows/palettes, tile them, organize them in the rest of my workspace.

I am so grateful to those who were so supportive as I dropped everything when I had Covid and to all my colleagues and students who have been patient with my multi-week long replies taking care of my family during daycare closures. My heart breaks for everyone who is struggling.

Trois semaines épuisantes sans crèche montrent à quel point on a la chance. On peut tant critiquer le gouvernement—il y en a de quoi le faire !—mais la France est le pays européen qui a le plus maintenu les crèches et écoles ouvertes depuis le début de la crise.

Listening to the new Offspring album and suddenly I'm transported back to undergrad — connected to the CS department's Ultrix server from my vt420, using screen to alternate between hacking out C++ in vim and a telnet session into my ircII account.

Every time I hear the word "mentee," I die a little inside. The battle is lost and it has been recognized as a word for over 50 years, but a mentor mentors a protégé·e.

A big Thank You to wine, cheese, potatoes, and salt for helping me get through this past year.

Every time I have to search under Vegetables while weighing my tomatoes at the supermarket, I hurt a little inside.

More Big Sur thoughts: the new design language is too subtle. I still have a hard time telling which window has focus. I have a hard time telling when there's a disclosure triangle. Or how I can interact with things (e.g. magically appearing close buttons, back buttons, etc).

After using Big Sur for four days, I find that my eyes are tired and sore by the end of the day. Is this the reduced contrast and bright white everywhere?