How do data workers think about and manage alternatives in their sense making process? Work with Jiali Liu & @nadiaboukhelifa to appear at IEEE VIS 2019.

Glasgow, here I come! Looking forward to catching up with lots of folks at #chi2019!

Mais est-ce que je vais pouvoir comprendre la langue? 😜

Of course, the day I decide not to wear a hat—because it’s so nice out!—the bird bombers take my head for a target. 🤢🚿😂

The #ieeevis 2019 organizers are in my Evil People book for putting the papers deadline on a Sunday.

Qualitative researchers: How do you balance ethics and open science? We tell interview participants we’ll protect their confidentiality. Transcripts and affinity diagrams can only be seen by research team. How do you share your data?

I learned of the craft that goes into making beer by going to a Guinness appreciation night. I learned new programming models from Perl. I learned to appreciate a good burger from In-n-Out. I learned to appreciate reading from Star Trek books.

I now have a better appreciation of these crafts.

Everyone starts somewhere. Don’t look down on them. Encourage them on their journey of discovery.